Due to the war conditions in Syria, several reports estimated the drop-out of school of children to be around 3 million along the past 8 years, leading them to be a ‘lost generation’ [UNICEF].

Our purpose is to restore the destructed schools or build new schools at the refugee camps, so that children can get their education back. Particularly, we target the areas in Northern Syria that witnessed refugee movements fleeing from the conflict areas all over the country, currently hosting more than 3.5 million people. We achieve our goal through collaboration with local relief associations in the region.

Alamoodiyah Elementary School

In 2016, and in cooperation with Ghiras Project Japan Branch, representatives of Ghiras Project (a local project for educational relief in Syria), we started our support for two schools (Al-Amoodiyah School at Alamoodiyah town and Jida’ar Ma’rata Refugee Camp School) in Northern Syria, and we could give hope for 451 students (boys: 228; girls: 223) to continue their education. We offered support for this project by providing them with school bags, educational activities, improving the school infrastructure and supporting the school staff. Unfortunately, in 2017, Jida’ar Ma’rata Refugee Camp School was destroyed under airstrikes at the region. Therefore, we currently continue for the third year to support Alaamodiyah School, which is offering the education for more than 200 students and helping 13 staff members to continue their jobs. The project’s annual budget is $22,670, so we aim at covering it and continue giving hope for the children to get back to school.

Molham Kindergarten

In 2017, and in cooperation with Molham Voluntary Team, we started our support for Molham kindergarten in Northern Syria. The Kindergarten aims to provide opportunities for the preschool children to play, listen, talk, experiment, investigate, and to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotional skills. Our psychological support for kids will help them to overcome the harsh conditions they are facing now due to war in Syria. The kindergarten has 3 levels (KG1, KG2 and KG3) and is giving the hope for 100 children to get education. Establishment cost of this project is already covered and the yearly running cost is $10,000.


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